Biography of Imam Ali Naqi P.1

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Biography of Imam Ali Naqi P.1

Post by Mustafa on Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:33 am

On the tragic occasion which marks the martyrdom anniversary of the 10th successor, Sayid Hussein Al-Qazwini touched upon the biography of Imam Ali Al-Naqi beginning with his succession to Imamah.
Al-Qazwini also discussed various aspect revolving around the life of the 10th Imam such as:
1) How was Imam Ali Al-Hadi able to manage the affairs of the Ummah at a young age?
2) What was the source behind the knowledge of the Imam?
3) Islamic issues that occurred during the time of the Imam.
4) How did the Imam deal with the political events of his time?

watch the episode :-


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