The full recording of the debate between the (Usuli Twelver) Shia Muslim student of knowledge, Sayed Ali Al-Shobayri, and the "Sunni" Muslim polemicist and intellectual, of the Salafi movement, Mohammed Hijab.

Topic: Mohammed Hijab's YouTube video entitled, "The REAL Differences Between SUNNI and SHIA".

1. The preservation of the Holy Quran, in light of Shia and "Sunni" literature;
2. The status of the Sahaba (companions of Prophet Muhammad);
3. The concept of Imamah (divinely-appointed leadership), and what it entails - all three with utmost clarity from our side.

Date: Saturday 17th June 2017 at 6:30 PM.

Location: The meeting took place in a private and neutral venue in London, United Kingdom.