For the last few months or so, we, at Rafida, have been serving and representing the Shia Muslim community here in the UK, in defending our faith from online attack. After gaining a reputation from tackling the ignorance of "Dawah Man", exposing the deception of other Nasibi online platforms and individuals, and going head-to-head with Sheikh Asrar Rashid, no-one from our opposing "Sunni" Muslim sect has gathered the courage to agree in debating us face-to-face.

Now, after being bombarded with requests since the start of this year, Sayed Ali Al-Shobayri has decided that it was time to finally provide our response to the various allegations levelled towards Shia Islam, by a particular online Salafi propagandist: namely Mohammed Hijab, of Sirat Education.

It should be noted that we do acknowledge the fact that this individual does present himself in a much more respectable manner when addressing the Shia, in comparison to others from amongst them we have dealt with in the past. However, what they do all in fact share is the clear bias and misinformation that they use to deceive their viewers with.

Throughout our response, we will be addressing, with utmost clarity and openness, the three things that Mohammed Hijab himself identified as being the three "real differences" between Shia Islam and "Sunni" Islam:

1. The status of the Quran, and its preservation;
2. The position of the Sahaba (companions of Prophet Muhammad);
3. The concept of Imamah (divinely-appointed leadership).

Stay tuned for our in-depth refutation...