what is the upper hand organization? 12311210

The Upper Hand Organization. An Islamic, cultural, and intellectual organisation whose goal is to create a society that obeys the purified family of Prophet Muhammad.

The Upper Hand Organization is an ideological and intellectual movement, bearing the slogan: «fighting deviation in the time of fear and submission», and raising the goal: «to create a society that obeys the family of Muhammad». Members describe themselves as: «people whom Allah will send before the rise of Al-Qaim (the Riser), who will not leave an enemy of the family of Muhammad, except that they will burn/destroy him.» [Hadith]

- The organisation adopts the civilizational project of Imam Muhammad Al-Hussaini Al-Shirazi.

- The organisation was founded in Kuwait in 1433 AH, by Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mail, and moved its head office to the capital of the United Kingdom (London) in the year 1436 AH.

- Its methodology: declaring absolute loyalty to the allies of Allah Almighty, Prophet Muhammad and his family (upon whom be peace), and declaring the absolute innocence from their enemies.

Website: www.uhorg.com
Website of Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mail: www.altharrah.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/UHOrganization